In elementary algebra, a Quadratic Equation is any equation having the form


In a Quadratic Equation, a,b and c are known without a=0. If a=0, the equation is linear not Quadratic. In a Quadratic Equation, you must solve for x, the unknown variable. a, b and c are coefficients in the equation.

A Quadratic Equation only contains one unknown variable that needs to be solved for. Therefore, a Quadratic Equation is a Second Degree Polynomial Equation since the greatest power is 2 and exponents must have non-negative integers.

Quadratic Equations can be solved by factorization, completing the square, using the Quadratic Formula, or graphing.

Application of Quadratic Equations Edit

The golden ratio is found as the solution of the Quadratic Equation x^2-x-1=0. The equationof the circle-parabolas, and hyperbolas, are considered Quadratic Equations.

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